Find Your Purpose


The Wall Street Journal published a great article about how an entrepreneur’s tale can be the perfect marketing vehicle. The advice is great, but I would add one more secret, and that secret is PURPOSE.

Sure, you can create a myth, focus on an image, and keep things tense, as the writer Barbara Haislip suggests. But what really creates an emotional connection is when you share your PURPOSE.

Don’t forget Aristotle’s Rhetorical Triangle and the three persuasive strategies that make up the triangle.

  • Logos: Your use of logic, facts, or truth.
  • Ethos: Your character, credibility, and authority.
  • Pathos: Your appeal to the audience’s emotions.

When you tell your readers your PURPOSE you are connecting on an emotional level and they are more likely to be interested in your story. “My purpose is to connect the world, so we can share our lives online.” (Zuckerberg) “My purpose is to share others’ experiences. so we can learn from them.” (Oprah), “My purpose is to help you craft your story, so others can be inspired by you.” (Me!)

Make sure that you set a clear PURPOSE when sharing your story.

– Cheers, Teresa!

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