Even Tech Geeks Need a Story

Universal Product Codes

Irving Wladawsky-Berger wrote a fascinating article for the Wall Street Journal about the growing importance of storytelling in the business world. The focus of his piece was on technology companies.

It is truly an artform to make IBM’s inventions worthy of storytelling (UPC: those lines on every known product you buy), but if you’re a innovative marketer and storyteller, you can always find that emotional connection that will draw in your prospect clients.

Think about how YOU are making your prospects/clients’ life BETTER, EASIER, SIMPLER, HAPPIER….(other positives that end in IER and ER!)

Your prospects/clients doesn’t really care about HOW it works…or WHY it works…all they care about is how it’s going to benefit their life.

– Now go out and write the wrongs! Teresa


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