One-hour phone consultation with Teresa to discuss your story ideas. Teresa will give you honest feedback about what you’re thinking as well as some helpful tools to move your dreams forward. The last 15 minutes of the call are dedicated to ways you can reach your goals with action items.

  • Taking all your crazy, amazing, and frenetic thoughts and packaging them all up in one pretty little gift can be overwhelming. I get it! Where do you start?

    You first start by talking with me.

    So, how about we get on a call and chat about your awesome ideas? Within that hour, I can tell you what your next steps will be.


    “Teresa has visited my Stanford classes several times as a guest speaker. Not only is she lively, engaging, and knowledgeable, but my students consider Teresa to be one of the most inspiring speakers they have heard.” – Alyssa J. O’Brien, Ph.D



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