“Teresa Rodriguez is one of the top über-networkers in the country.” – NEW YORK TIMES


“You are incredible! Amazing choice of words….Very impressive. You are amazing!!!”Jean-Charles Boisset, Owner of Boisset Family Estate



“Teresa has visited my Stanford classes several times as a guest speaker. Not only is she lively, engaging, and knowledgeable, but my students consider Teresa to be one of the most inspiring speakers they have heard.” – Alyssa J. O’Brien, Ph.D 


“Others promise; Teresa delivers: You won’t just brainstorm to create your brand; you’ll find out more interesting things about yourself than you could imagine.” – Jane Straus, Bestselling Author, and Radio Host


“Hi, I have been a Diva for some time, but, I have spent the last year battling breast cancer. Despite all I will be going to Paris with my 16 year old daughter on March 15 and immediately went to your website. Thank you for the encouragement!” – Diva Vivian 


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